Why Will Cannabis Affect Everyone Differently?


CBD is unique. It doesn’t create the high sensation of cannabis but still offers some unique benefits. However, those who are new to taking CBD may wonder why it affects them differently than cannabis and why the people they know experience different reactions.

There are several reasons that CBD, even high-quality options like what is offered by Veritas Farms, has different effects on different people. Keep reading to see why this happens.


A person’s genes determine how they will respond to various stimuli. This includes the active compounds found in cannabis, which are CBD and THC.

According to some studies, it is estimated that twenty percent of the adult population in the U.S. experiences a unique genetic mutation that results in increased levels of endocannabinoids in their body.

Those in this twenty percent will be much less likely to experience anxiety from THC, but they will also be less reactive to the effects of both CBD and THC. That is because the body is already producing higher concentrations of the cannabinoids. If someone has endocannabinoid levels under this average, they will likely experience the psychoactive effects created by THC, but they will also react better to CBD.

Each Person’s Unique Biochemistry

At any given time, there are billions of different biochemical processes occurring in a person’s body. This includes things from electrical impulses that travel through the body’s nerve fibers to the formation of proteins in the cells. Each person has a unique biochemistry.

There are so many different variables that it isn’t possible to count all the combinations that are available in a person’s biochemical balance. When new compounds are introduced in the body, which includes cannabinoids, they are going to interact a bit differently based on the biochemical reactions that are occurring.

This isn’t something that is unique to cannabis. In fact, it occurs with almost everything that goes into your body. Biochemistry can change too. This means that the way you are affected by CBD and other substances can change based on your diet, lifestyle, medications, supplements, exposure to stress, and more.

The Person’s Gender

While gender equality is a hot topic today, cannabis doesn’t care. Men and women will respond differently to CBD. Men are much more likely to experience the munchies after they use the substance, and women are more sensitive to the effects cannabis has on their health.


It is a well-known fact that, as time passes and as someone continues to use CBD, they may build up a tolerance to it. If they are using strains with higher amounts of THC regularly, they will eventually require higher doses to get the same effect as they did before.

When it comes to using CBD, there are several benefits to consider. Be sure to consider all the factors here, which are going to impact the effect of the CBD, how it interacts with the body, and the way that a person feels after they take it. Keep this in mind to understand everything about CBD.


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