What Is Better? Regular vs. Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Today we will discuss about the dissimilarities between regular cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds. So, when we are purchasing cannabis seeds. We come across regular, feminized, autoflowering and photoperiod types of seeds available in the market. The market also has different combinations of these classes of seeds available according to the cultivators’ choice. Many people are confused to make a choice among regular cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds.

There are two genders of cannabis plants. Female plants produce the smokeable buds of marijuana, while male plants are only useful during the plant’s pollen stage.

The regular seeds germinate can form both male plants as well as female plants. But, feminized seeds are genetically modified seeds that germinate to form only female plants.

If you are looking for seeds for cultivation purpose only, then feminized weed seeds are what you need to look out for. Feminized seeds produce only female plants, and hence the yield of buds is more. Also, the space required to cultivate a particular yield is less.

But, it is the opposite when we look at regular cannabis seeds. Because there are both types of plants produced from regular seeds, the male and female plants yield the same amount of seeds is comparatively less. Also, the presence of both type of plants is more space requirement.

Feminized seeds are genetically modified and hence have more medicinal uses then regular ones. Disorders like insomnia, stress, loss of appetite, etc., can be overcome by using feminized strains. The modification also helps the plants stay away from diseases like moulds and gnats.

Along with the cultivation space, the time that needs to be invested during the growing period of feminized plants is comparatively lesser than the regular plants. In regular plant cultivation, you need to recognize the male plants and eliminate them before the flowering stage. If you miss the time and the plants enter the flowering stage, you will end up will no smokeable buds but only seeds.

Despite all these comparisons, breeders prefer cultivating regular cannabis seeds because they need both gender plants to complete the seeds’ breeding procedure. The male plants play an important role in pollination during the breeding process. The breeders use the pollen flowers from the male plants to pollinate female plants.

You need to decide why you need the cultivated cannabis plant. A breeder can cultivate regular seeds, as male parts play an essential role in the breeding process. On the contrary, a cultivator will prefer feminized seeds for more yield. Even a beginner should cultivate feminized seeds to get familiar with the cultivation process. You can buy feminized weed seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co online.

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