What is Banana Kush Strain?

The bananas Kush strains are fragrant and sweet, just like ripe bananas. It also has solid tropical notes, which allows it to have an amazingly tasty taste. In addition, there are some therapeutic uses to stress, like, mood-alternation, MS, and fibromyalgia. The strain always ends up giving you unwinding sedation.

It’s great to use for a full goodnight rest. It’s safe to expect that this strain smells & tastes similar to ripe bananas. It doesn’t only have scents & flavors, just like bananas but slightly forward. It also gives shots like the fruit’s energy. This marijuana strain is juicy & sophisticated – it’s a real joy and happiness to the person who consumes it. However, the effect of this may seem to shock even the most practiced cannabis user.

As its name suggests, it’s safe to consider that bananas Kush strain taste & smell similar to fruit bananas, giving you a slightly more energetic vibe than the bananas. This extraordinary tropical cannabis is pleasant and wonderful, which is a base of excitement and happiness for those who have consumed it. What’s more, are the effects that can overwhelm even those who are experienced user,

It was founded on the west coast and is considered the top variety in many well-known pharmacies in California & Colorado. This strain itself made its name in the cannabis world. A spawn of these two marijuana icons – Ghost OG Hybrid & Skunk Hayes Hybrid, isn’t as unique as the way banana strains have shown their properties, but it is also great for some individuals seeking treatment with these plants.

What are the savor, presence, and smell of this strain?

Just like the name, banana Kush cannabis has the scent and aroma of freshly ripe tropical bananas, which are about to get a harvest. Besides the tropical scent, it is also stuffed with other tropical fruits’ fragrances, including pungent skunkiness.

The taste is also a bit intense & natural, which gives a solid hit on your tongue like a rich, tasty, delectably pleasant when you consume it.

Appearance-wise, this strain seems flat-out electric! The blossoms are in neon lime color and highlights of golden yellow. In-between the leaves of this strain, you can see slight dark orange color and harsh pistils, which give an amazing contrast to each other.

Because of its intense THC substance, its leaves are dense covered with a frosty layer, which gives a feel of heaven to most cannabis users.

The banana Kush strain’s effects

The strain won’t give you a high sleepy feeling similar to other indica strains, but it will slowly calm and relax the mind & body, giving the user a feel of inspiration and creativity. The strain helps the consumer in concentrating and focusing on his/ her task.

It does also bring a feeling of happiness & joy by uplifting the cannabis user’s mood. The Banana Kush strain is considered one of the most effective strains, leaving the user feels a bit energetic, focused, and creative, just like a person in an art show.

Where does it grow?

Banana Kush seeds are considered great if grown indoors, but you can also grow them outdoor unless the temperature and the climate are an incorrect medium. The plant prefers a sunny & light heat atmosphere to grow ideally perfectly. It should place in an area that catches a stable flow of regular daylight.

To conclude

The strain comes from a long back family of Kush strains, those who’ve left great marks in the world of cannabis. This was an overall guide about the effects, appearance, fragrance, and cultivating a place for the flavored banana Kush strain.

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