Weak Blood Circulation and What a Person Can Do to Boost It

Poor blood circulation can lead to various ailments such as varicose veins, leg ulcers, skin discoloration, and others. If you are suffering from poor blood circulation around your body, the simple tasks that you every day can seem very tedious to you like bending over to get an item from the floor or reaching out to get something that is placed quite far away.

How can you improve poor blood circulation

However, there are several ways that you can imply to improve the circulation of blood throughout your body.

1. Getting yourself enrolled in physical workouts on a daily basis has been proven to improve blood circulation. This can be a light walking session of around twenty to thirty minutes every single day. Hence cardio exercises are the most recommended type of workouts by most physicians to improve the flow of blood across your hands and legs. As a part of your physical workout, you can make use of instruments like treadmill, cycle, stretching machine or blood circulation promotor (dr ho’s products) to keep yourself active throughout the day and also improve the blood flow in the body.

What you can do? Just simply stand up and start walking alone or maybe join a group of friends with whom you can do the walking exercises every day.

2. If you work on any massage that can also work well towards improving your blood circulation. As the massage therapist presses on the parts of the body and pulls at it, the blood is sent to the areas where it does not reach out generally which is ultimately effective in improving the circulation. The lactic acid and the lymph fluid released from the muscle during the massage sessions do help decrease the tension in the muscle and at the same time improves the blood flow.

3. There is a prickling of the leg muscles that can be caused by poor blood regulation. This happens to the leg mostly because it is the part of the body that is the furthest from the heart and the blood can not reach thee properly. Squats work on the largest muscles in the leg that gets the blood flowing to the lower part of the body immediately.

What do you do? Stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart. Hold the arm straight and tighten the core. Push the hips back and bend the knees to a lower squat position. Hold this posture for a short while and then return back to the standing position. Repeat it for around ten to fifteen times every single day to work on the blood flow to the lower parts of the body.

4. Manage your blood pressure -be it high or low, try to regulate it to the normal range so that the blood can easily pass on throughout the body.

What do you need to do? Consult a physician about the blood pressure about how you can bring it to the acceptable range according to your height and weight. Make changes to the diet accordingly. Have a diet that is low in alcohol and high in salt(in the blood pressure is low))/low in salt ( if the pressure is high).


There are numerous reasons for poor blood circulation. This can range from diet and lifestyle choices and also other things that we do that in our daily lives that affect our physical health negatively. Start small and then gradually you will start to see changes in your body that will indicate that the metabolism is running perfectly and the blood flow around your body is normal.

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