Tips to take care of oral health after wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth can be painful and the removal procedure is even more painful. A lot of people suffer due to the presence of wisdom, while a lot of them don’t. However, this entirely depends on the person. Since the pain varies from person to person, some may prefer subsiding the pain at home itself while a lot of them prefer visiting the dentist and carrying out a surgical procedure.

If you have undergone surgery for wisdom teeth removal, you need to ensure that you take proper care of yourself. Post-surgery caring tips are plenty and also if you take proper care of it, the recovery will be speedy too. If you are careful enough with followingthe tips, you won’t need to undergo any unnecessary pain and swelling. Now that you have undergone surgery, make sure you follow the tips mentioned below and take proper care of your oral health:

  • Keep a check on your activities and cut short on them.
  • A lot of us are of the habit to touch the wounded area. If you are one of them, make sure that you don’t touch the wounded area. Touching it continuously can make the infection serious and ruin the situation.
  • Be gentle while rinsing the mouth.
  • Since it is the surgery area, ensure to apply ice over it.
  • The surgical pad should be removed 30 minutes after the surgery.

Wisdom tooth removal can be extremely painful. If your cheeks have been paining a lot, you may prefer taking medicines as soon as you feel the discomfort to avoid any inconvenience.


You are ought to experience bleeding with saliva once you have undergone surgery. If the area has been bleeding too much, you may prefer placing gauze over the infected surgical area for over 30 minutes to ease the pain.


Mild to severe pain is very common in the surgical area. Also, experts suggest that moderate pain may come back from touching every three to four hours. If you have been feeling it too, you need to take any prescribed medication to ease the pain. However, these pain killers can make you a little dizzy so you need to be careful while moving.


Diet has an important role to play in the wisdom removal tooth. To ensure a speedy recovery, you must be on a strict liquid diet post-surgery.

The Oracare wisdom tooth removal ensures to take care of professionalism and get the irritating teeth removed without too much pain.

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