Think About a Career in Fitness, Health or Wellness

If you are one of those people able to help fellow gym members with their form or you are able to advise them on the best post-workout meal after working out, then maybe you could make a career out of fitness, health, or wellness.

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Health and fitness careers

There are many areas of mind body fitness where anyone can find a career. Health and fitness seem to be the careers that are currently taking off in a big way. Here are several as well as the salaries they command. These include:

  • Physical education teacher

Salary: $47,019-$50,456;

  • Physical therapy assistant

Salary: $54,720-$62,272;

  • Nutritionist

Salary: $46,329-$72,137;

  • Physical therapist

Salary: $65,936-$72,511;

  • Fitness manager

Salary: $44,660 –$73,855;

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Starting a business as a health expert

Mind Body Fitness Coach Certification can be earned at several places including the Spencer Institute. There are several certifications that you can earn such as:

  • Wellness coach;
  • Holistic life coach;
  • Sleep science coach;
  • Life strategies coach;
  • Master health & wellness;
  • Corporate wellness coach;
  • Personal fitness chef;
  • Professional speaker.

This means that you need to decide on what type of career do you want to be involved in. Do you want to work with adults or teens? Do you want to coach health and wellness or corporate wellness? Once you have zeroed in on what you want to do, then you can start earning certifications – you might want to study for several of them. No matter what you decide it is all in the same area of mind body spirit fitness and this is the area of helping others. If you love people and you want them to all have better lives – a career is just waiting for you to decide on. And the salaries or not too bad either. The best feeling in the world is when you have made someone’s life a little bit better and you are able to make a nice salary doing it.

If you are going to start a business you will also need to get some education in opening a business – and there are places where you can earn a degree or a certification in that also.

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