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For years it has been believed that the “normal” size of the penis should be around 15 centimeters, but this accepted and assumed average seems to have changed. The new average actually lowers the average by more than two centimeters.

The perfect Study Options for You

After conducting 17 studies in which they measured the penis size of more than 15,000 men, the vast majority of them Caucasian and Oriental, the research establishes new maximum and minimum measurements on penis size: in terms of its length they are 13, 24 centimeters with erect penis and 9.16 centimeters when flaccid. Another big debate that helps many men to console themselves or desperately frustrated – is the assumption that penis size and girth don’t matter so much. Well, the study establishes an average circumference of 11.66 centimeters erect and 9.31 centimeters at rest. The use of the Titan Gel  comes handy there.

To establish the measurements, they were based on a minimum scale of 4.8 centimeters for the smallest and 21.2 for the largest, always in an erect state. If you don’t have a ruler or tape measure handy, consider that a 5 euro bill is 12 centimeters long and a 50 one about 14 centimeters. In case of exceeding the average, and being careful not to cut ourselves with the edge of the page, it will also be useful to know that an A4 sheet is 29.7 centimeters long and 21 centimeters wide.

Small penises, peace of mind for millions of men

Dr. Veale is convinced of the social work that his study can bring to millions of men around the world who suffer from some kind of complex in terms of the size of their virile member: “We believe that these graphs will help doctors to reassure the vast majority of men to be aware that their penis size is within the normal range”.

  • Of the almost 15,000 penis enlargement operations, a fifth of the total are from Germany, followed by Venezuela and Spain.
  • Knowing whether or not the proportions of your penis are normal haunts many men. But beyond comments or sympathetic comparisons with friends and acquaintances, some may end up suffering from what is known as body dysmorphic disorder, an obsessive concern about the size of their penis that generates a lot of anguish and complexes that must be treated with the help of professionals.
  • Concern about size even encourages many men to undergo penis enlargement treatments. Without going any further, according to the latest report from the International Society for Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS), of the almost 15,000 operations registered in 2013 worldwide, Germans accounted for a fifth of the total, followed by Venezuela and Spain, in second and third place, which together accounted for 6.3%.

The world scale (of size)

Researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry have developed this study with the aim of establishing the average of what is considered “normal” in terms of the length and girth of the penis, but the study does not draw conclusions about the differences in the sizes according to the different races.

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