The Different Types of Breast Surgeries

There are different breast surgeries serving different purposes. Many people go for cosmetic surgery abroad and breast surgery is among the top on list. In this article we’ll have a look at the different types of breast surgeries that one can have and why.

Breast Augmentation

Breast expansion is designed to increase the contours, size and appearance of a female breast. Women are considering breast mammoplasty or breast augmentation for various reasons. Some women find that their breast don’t fit the contours cause they are too small. Some women want augmentation after losing their body shape due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Others want to correct the asymmetry of their breast.

Breast augmentation is done with implants that can be positioned below or above the pectoralis major muscle. The incision can be placed in the pit (axillary), the areola or the bottom of the chest. Breast augmentation can be aided by an endoscope. Placing the implant under the pectoral muscle reduces interference with mammography screening.

A breast implant is a silicone casing filled with saline water or saline gel. Women determine the size required by putting on a trial implant. Currently, implants filled with saline are used indefinitely. Silicone gel implants are reserved for women taking part in certified studies.

Breast augmentation is a fairly simple process. Like any surgery, breast augmentation brings risk and uncertainty. It is important to communicate your expectations and concerns. Review the risks, alternatives and benefits. For more information on breast enlargement surgeries you can click here.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction attempts to reconstruct the breast with the desired look, outline and volume. The nipple areola component is also been recreated. If the sensory nerves or breasts and ducts are removed or severely damaged, the normal feeling and lactation of the breast is lost.

The appearance, contours and size of the breast can be reproduced on the implant or on the female tissue itself. If an implant is used, the implant is sized to fit the other breast. You can also use female tissue to reconstruct the breast. Sometimes you can use part of the lower abdominal partition. Other tissue options that use autologous tissue for self-reconstruction include parts of the skin or hip and back muscles.

Breast Reduction

Saggy, heavy, large breasts can be irritating. Overweight can cause back pain, neck pain, skin irritation, numbness, stinging and weakness of the bra band. The process involves removing glandular tissue, fat and excess skin.

This surgery causes extensive scarring. Nipple areola sensation, milk production, and normal breast sensation are usually sustained. Possible side effects include inability to breastfeed, lumps, and pain in scar tissue. The reduction process reduces the volume, appearance and contours of the breast while retaining the functionality and feel of the breast. After breast reduction, women reported significant improvement in the symptoms they complained about earlier.

Breast Lifts

In some women, sagging breasts are caused by the fact that the skin is not flexible or strong enough to uphold the heaviness of the breast. In this case, this is called ptosis, and there is a lot of skin in relation to the breast tissue. To inflate the breasts or perform a mastoplasty, the excess skin needs to be removed.

Breast surgery is a delicate and complicated procedure that needs to be done by a professional. Do your research well before you approach a surgeon for this.  

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