Skincare products tailored to specific needs

Having a smooth, soft, glowing skin is what everyone dreams of having. But, not many are gifted with such good quality skin. Even those who are bestowed with the skin are not able to maintain it that way throughout their lifetime. The quality of the skin might deteriorate due to ageing or any other medical condition that might affect the skin. That is why you see people using cosmetics that promise a fair and glowing skin or those that promise relief from skin wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Types of skincare products

The skincare products are available at all prices ranging from affordable skincare products to highly expensive ones. You have skincare products that are meant for use for different issues that you might have with your skin as well. However, there is no doubt that most of the people spend a huge amount on skincare products and they keep changing skincare products depending on whether they find it effective or not. However, there exist two types of skincare products. It includes over the counter products as well as medical grade skincare products.

Over the counter skin care product and medical grade products- the difference

Over –the- counter, as the name suggests, are skincare solutions that are sold over the counter without a prescription from a skin specialist or dermatologist. However, these formulations are made to work only on the surface of the skin. They are not endowed with penetrating properties and usually do not affect the skin below the upper layer. However, medical grade skincare products are also referred to as cosmeceuticals, and they contain both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. They are made to act by penetrating deep into the skin and are usually made of highly stabilized ingredients that deliver the results that they are expected to deliver. It would be backed by effective research as well.

Benefits of using medical-grade skincare products

The benefits of using medical-grade skincare products include

The presence of active ingredients in optimal levels– There are certain active ingredients that most people would be aware of significantly offering benefits to the skin. These ingredients might be present in the over- the- counter formulations as well. But, the twist here is that it would be present only in small quantities in the formulation. However, in a medical-grade product, the active ingredient that is expected to offer a benefit would be available in optimal amounts to address the problem you have.

Proven formulas– The cosmeceutical products are usually priced high. This is because they are developed with high standards using quality ingredients. This means that they provide effective results.

Value for money– Medical grade skincare products usually penetrate deep into the skin and cause structural changes that are essential to provide the desired results and help you get over the skin problem permanently. The chance for recurrence of the same problem is minimized. That is why cosmeceuticals are believed to offer value for money.

Medical grade skincare products are usually customized to specific needs and you can be assured that you are using the right product and in the right way right from the start without having to try different products one after another till you find a solution for your skin problem. Therefore, it is better to go in for a medical-grade skincare product when you really have a problem. Avoid searching for solutions to deal with your perceived skin problems

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