Say hello to summer skin with homeopathy

During the summer, your skin can lose its glow and get dull and discoloured. Sun exposure and scars due to acne are just a few reasons. Even though not a life-threatening issue, people with dull skin typically consider it a life-altering one. It can lead to feelings of inadequacy and decreased self-confidence. This, in most cases, leads to the random use of cosmetics and medicated ointments. Nevertheless, only temporary results are usually found. And in some cases, careless use of such products might even aggravate the skin condition. That’s when homeopathic remedies come into the picture. They are free from any side-effects. The selection of homeopathic remedies is done only after a detailed case study of the patient.

Top homeopathic remedies for summer skin

  • Berberis Aquifolium: Berberis Aquifolium is a homeopathic remedy for clearing facial complexion. It can be used where the skin is dark or has scars due to acne or any other conditions.
  • Sulphur: Another wonderful treatment for attaining clear skin is Sulphur. This homeopathic medicine has gained much popularity and acclaim in the treatment of various skin troubles. It is used when the skin is unhealthy, looks dirty and dull, or is dry and scaly. It helps to make the skin healthy and nourishes the skin to give it a glow. It is also prescribed for various eruptions i.e., pimples with dull and dirty looks. This homeopathic remedy helps in clearing pimples and any scars left by them. Are you looking for treatment after the careless use of external applications of medicated soaps and ointments? Sulphur will help in bringing out the most prominent symptoms which will serve as a guide towards finding a suitable remedy.
  • Psorinum: It is a suitable homeopathic remedy if you have oily or greasy facial skin which has a dark and dirty look. It will help to clear the pimples and dark skin and control the excessive oiliness of the skin. It will deep-cleanse the skin pores on the face making the face oil-free, clear and glowing.
  • Bovista: Did your careless use of cosmetic products lead to facial pimples? Bovista can clear the skin. It helps in clearing facial skin and makes it look bright and glowing.
  • Sepia: Chloasma refers to brown or black discoloration on the skin of the face. It is mainly seen in women during pregnancy or in women with hormonal imbalance and menstrual irregularities. Chloasma might also be the resultant outcome of liver disease. The best remedy for clearing Chloasma is Sepia. It works wonders in ladies who have black or brown spots on the face during or post-pregnancy. It also works well for women who have discoloration on the face due to uterine afflictions and irregular menstrual cycles of varying degrees.
  • Silicea: Hasdeep-seated pus-filled acne resulted in disfiguring scars on the face? Siliceais the recommended homeopathic medicine. It also works where deep pits on the face have resulted from the acne. It clears these pits and scars. It makes the skin clear.
  • Kali Bromatum: Do you have hard pimples which resulted in facial scarring and discoloration? Kali Bromatum works well to clear scars and bring back fairness that has been lost due to disfiguring scars.

Remember not to self-medicate. Always consult an expert homeopathic doctor. He or she will ask for details and work on a comprehensive case study before deciding the medicine most appropriate for you. So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest skin clinic right away for skin treatment!

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