Reasons To Prefer SMILE Eye Procedure Over Other Treatments  

Laser surgery is believed to be the best method for correcting eye vision and other related issues. With that being said, there are different laser techniques used in vision correction, each with its own set of benefits.

The SMILE eye procedure was approved by the FDA back in 2018. Its advantages, effectiveness and less invasiveness in vision correction quickly bagged immense popularity in the medical field. 

Have you heard about SMILE eye surgery? If not, scroll down to ascertain what it is and the associated benefits. 

What Is a SMILE Eye Procedure?

SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) eye surgery is a laser treatment for vision correction. It is an advanced refractive surgery done by a Femtosecond laser that creates a micro-incision in the cornea. The same laser technology is then used to reshape the cornea, providing better vision results and forming a lenticule that is removed from the eye. 

Benefits of Getting SMILE Eye Surgery

If you are having trouble with your vision related to your cornea, you must consult your ophthalmologist and check your eligibility for the SMILE eye procedure. 

Here are a few reasons why you can look forward to this surgery:

#1 Advanced Laser Technology

The most significant advantage of this procedure is that you will get the assistance of cutting-edge technology as SMILE is the most advanced refractive laser surgery developed over the last decade. It is an innovative laser technology that creates a micro-incision in the cornea for vision correction. 

#2 Minimally Invasive Surgery

While there are plenty of invasive eye surgeries, SMILE is a less invasive one as there is no corneal flap formation for the laser to penetrate the corneal layer. It is a no-flap surgery making it minimally invasive. The smaller incision will also reduce trauma to the corneal tissue.  

#3 Highly Safe Procedure

Compared to traditional eye surgery, SMILE is considered the more safe and preferred form of treatment. It provides a similar amount of safety available in LASIK eye treatment. Surgeons use computer-aided technology to ensure the utmost security of the patient. There are also no risks involved in the surgery. 

#4 Takes Less Time

Unlike other eye surgeries, the SMILE eye procedure won’t take long. While other eye surgeries take one and a half hours or more, this laser treatment takes only 10 to 15 minutes per eye. All you need to do is schedule your appointment for the surgery. The speedy process is a result of the high precision of the laser technology. 

#5 Predictable Results

Your power needs will be considered while correcting your vision. Surgeons will not aim in the dark; they will have a set goal in mind that makes the results of this surgery highly predictable. 

The Bottom Line

Having a poor vision can degrade the quality of your life. Instead of struggling, you should look for procedures and treatments that can improve your situation. SMILE eye procedure is an excellent laser treatment that can correct your vision without fear of risks or side effects. 

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