Proper sports massage therapy with San Antonio Sports Massage

Sports massage therapists help athletes after a marathon race.

San Antonio Sports Massage helps to reduce muscle spasms and the accumulation of metabolic waste that occurs during exercise. Our massage service is also used for pre-event assistance. Pre-event massages can be done right before a workout or during the weeks before the event. San Antonio Sports Massage before exercise can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. This type of massage is used as part of pre-workout muscle heating. Sports massage aims to improve circulation, increase tissue elasticity and reduce muscle tension. Trigger spots or stress spots can also cause muscle soreness and loss of flexibility. These points are specific points in the muscles and tendons that, when pressed, can cause pain and spread the pain to a wider area. These are not bruises, but some consider them small convulsive zones. Trigger points can be caused by sudden injury or can occur over time due to the stress or stress of intense exercise, or repeated use of certain muscles.

Your pain points may also have their hotspots, such as past trauma. San Antonio Sports Massage therapist will pay exceptional concentration to these areas, keep an eye on problems and help stay them in fine condition. They can also complement the treatment of various injuries received by other medical professionals. It may also have its hot spots, such as past trauma. Experienced massage therapists from San Antonio Sports Massage will help you pay special attention to these areas, keep an eye on them for problems and keep them in good condition. They can also help in the process of treatment of various injuries received by other medical professionals.

Pre, Intra, and post-event massage from San Antonio Sports Massage

Pre-event sports massages are performed within 2 hours of the event to improve performance and reduce injuries. Used as an adjunct to athletes’ warm-ups, it improves circulation and reduces pre-competition muscle and mental stress. It is typically shorter than conventional conditioning massage and focuses on warming the main muscles used and keeping the athlete in a good mental state for the competition. It also increases organizational flexibility and prepares athletes for optimal performance.

Some massage techniques can help calm nervous athletes, while others can cause excitement. Massages between events and during events are performed between events or during downtime to help athletes recover from their previous activities and prepare them for their next activity. It also focuses on short major muscles. After-event sports massages are performed after the game and mainly involve recovery. Our therapists have in-depth knowledge about trigger point activation and faster wound healing. All of the experts can help you to reduce pain and increase flexibility. Our message service works really well in reducing stiffness and the risk of future injury.

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