Layman’s guide to botox

The definition and role it plays in anti-aging

Botox is a complex compound that is made bya bacteria known as botulism toxin. For someone who is not familiar with scientific terminology, it may sound a tad bit terrifying but in controlled doses, it’s perfectly safe. It is injected into a specified area in the body (mostly performed on the face). Once it is injected, the compound attaches itself to the receptors in the muscle and manipulates the nerves within.  Nerves release a kind of chemical that can trigger the muscle. Botox effectivelyprevents this from happening;sothewrinkle that is formed every single time your muscle contracts diminishes significantly.

What is botox used for?

Botox is used in cosmetic surgery for temporarily reducing wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Our muscles contract hundreds of times on a daily basis, gradually engraving lines on the skin. Fundamentally, botox paralyzes the muscles underneath by intervening in the nerve stimulation. These lines are sometimes related to stress or anxiety and are mostly concentrated on the face, between the eyebrows.

As we grow older, the corners of the mouth begin to start sagging. Botox can lift that up, including the softening of the smoker’s lines around the mouth. They are basically vertical lines above the lips and contrary to its name; smoker’s lines are not caused by smoking but from recurrent muscle contractions.  It can even lessen the lines or folds of skin on the neck.

Will botox make you look like a robot?

Some people worry that Botox will make them stiff but that is not the case. Botox was not designed to eradicate facial expressions. It was only intended to reduce fine lines from smiling, squinting and frowning and is known to have a high success rate, as established by reputed brands like Clinique Anti-aging. Yes, to some extent, it will immobilize the muscles but it does not disturb the nerves that cause sensation or render you numb.

Botox, when done the right way, can even lift your eyebrows. Care has to be taken that botox is administered in moderate quantity because excessive doses can lead to precarious consequences. There are all kinds of horror stories where young women were duped by shady, uncertified surgeons; only to end up with permanently disfigured faces.

The surgery must be taken care of by veteran Doctors who can gauge the size of your muscles and determine the right amount of Botox.

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