Israel Figa Talks about COVID-19’s Current Situation around the World

More than one year into the COVID-19, the world received a good news that the vaccine had been discovered for the coronavirus and the people could finally get a breather. When the vaccines were introduced in November, it was expected that the world would soon be free of coronavirus. Fast forward today, the situation around coronavirus still has not progressed as much as people, health organizations, and world governments had expected it to be.

Israel Figa Talks about Second Wave of Coronavirus

Israel Figa who is an expert researcher and a doctor by profession has shared his views around the second wave of coronavirus and its impact on the entire world. According to Israel Figa there are two angles that people can look at the second wave of coronavirus, and how they are being dealt with by the governments from around the world. Countries from around the world are faced with either the first case or the second one:

First Scenario

According to Israel Figa, the first scenario is the ideal one that every country must adopt in order to deal with the second wave of coronavirus. Many medical researchers had stated that the second wave of the coronavirus would be fiercer than the first one.

However, as the world is now well-aware coronavirus and its impact on human health and population, the countries must be well prepared to face the challenges, which would include medical staff, medical equipment, hospital beds, SOPs, coronavirus tools kits, and enough funds to control the disastrous situations.

Furthermore, the discovery of the vaccinations are also the game changers during the second wave of the pandemic. If the countries want to ensure they do not end up facing much problems, then they need to ensure the above steps are taken into consideration.

Second Scenario 

Israel Figa states that the second scenario is the fear that every country would have and unfortunately, many countries from around the world are currently facing this problem. According to Israel Figa, despite being aware of coronavirus’s impact, there is so little many countries are able to do. 

The reason behind this is the lack of strictness and SOP adherence these countries practiced and imposed even during the first wave of the coronavirus. Countries such as India and Brazil are facing the worst time ever when it comes the coronavirus outbreak. These countries are currently lacking the basic needs and resources they need to fight off the second wave of coronavirus and prevail. Such countries are short on resources such as medicine, medical staff, hospitals, beds, coronavirus tool kits, and lack of SOPs are the pain point.

Current Situation and Major Countries and How the World Can Help

Israel Figa has stated that at present, the countries that are worst struck by the pandemic are Brazil, India, and Iran. The current situation in these countries shows that they were not at all ready to face the second wave of the coronavirus or they had not seen it coming. 

Situation in Brazil, India, and Iran

In his research, Israel Figa has highlighted that these three countries are currently facing the harshest situation in terms of corona outbreak. Every day, the death toll in each country is higher than the previous day. From the current situation, it is clear that hospitals, medical staff, and the government from these countries were not ready to face the second wave of the coronavirus. This is mainly because of the lack of medical resources, staff, hospital beds, and many more medical related issues.

Another huge problem these countries have faced is with their population and lack of coronavirus SOPs. India is the second-largest populated country in the entire world, and Brazil, and Iran are also highly populated countries. Therefore, the lack in SOPs is visible with the amount of cases these countries are reporting on a daily basis.

On an average, the number of reported cases in Brazil is 57,803, India is at 281,683, and Iran is at 23,525. From the looks of it, the situation is actually getting worse for these countries with every passing day and they can result in another worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

What Resourceful Countries Must Do

Israel Figa talks about the situation that the world is currently faced with where every country is trying that they get out of the COVID-19 situation as soon as possible. However, amidst all the chaos, countries that have enough resources are also not doing much about normalizing the situation around the world. Instead, they are focusing their excessive resources towards the welfare and well-being of their country. 

Israel Figa stated now is the time when countries need to set aside their differences and personal interests. If the world wants to fight the pandemic and win, they need to fight it together and not try to make it a one-man-show. 

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