Prostate cancer has become very common among the Americans who are 50 or more in age. It is recommended that the prostate examination be done regularly to check whether a male has an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. Every male should also keep in mind the general symptoms of the prostate cancer and be alert id they see any of them in their bodies. Early detection makes it easier for the doctor to cure any disease.

The treatment of prostate cancer also depends on the stage it is diagnosed in you, your age, your physical condition and your overall health. You can go for a treatment which is best suited under your circumstances. You can ask an urologist who can guide you to the best treatment. Lazare Urology in Brooklyn is one such hospital where you can expect right answers. The treatments can be as follows:

  • Active watchfulness

If there is a cancer in your body and it is not causing you any trouble then you can decide with your doctor to watch the cancer actively to see if there are any changes. Over the period of time you can know whether it is increasing or not. In this way you can take action only when it is required instead of doing it right away.

  • Surgery

With the development in the medical technology, the surgery of prostate cancer has become very easy by just removing the whole prostate. It also removes tissues around the tumor.

  • Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is used to kill the cancer cells with the help of radiation. The size of the tumors is reduced in this way. The radiation may come from x-ray machine or from tiny radioactive pellets placed inside or near the tumor.

  • Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is done to the men whose cancer has spread across prostate. Drugs are given to the patients to stop their bodies from making testosterone if the doctors think that the cancer might come back.

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