When a doctor advises you to have home health aide or you want your family member to have a good home health aide, the first question that arises is who will pay for the services of the home health care? The family members or the patient himself might choose home health care over hospitalization to save the cost but any medical care is not cheap. There are several options through which you can pay for your home health aide:

  • Self-pay

You may have the resources to pay for the home health care you need out of your own pocket. You might need medical assistance or companionship, in either way you want independence and you are able to afford it. This is the option of self-pay. Also, most Americans are eligible to receive Federal Medical coverage after the age of 65. This may be used to pay for home health aide.

  • Public third party pay

When the home health care services are included in your long-term insurance, the insurance company might pay for it if you meet all the requirements. When the insurance company is a public company it is called public third party payment.

  • Private third party pay

When you have your insurance with a private insurance company and they pay for the expenses of you home health aide expenses it is called private third party pay. Ensure that all the conditions of the contract are met in order for them to pay.

When any insurance company pays for your medical bills, the health care provider should be a Medicare-certified agency. There are many Medicare-certified agencies in Phoenixville. Home Health Aides in Phoenixville provide you with all the information you need about the eligibility of the Medicare benefits. You will also need the certification from the physician for the reimbursement from the Medicare.

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