How to detox from alcohol and drugs- 3 steps involved in the process

Before learning how to detox from alcohol and drugs, first, let us know what detoxification is. Detoxification is the process of purifying your body from all the toxins generated by the drugs. The main aim of the process is to feel comfortable when trying to leave drugs or alcohol.

Everyone feels different when going through a detoxification. It mostly depends on how long you have been taking the drugs and of which type.


3 step detoxification process


The detoxification process helps you overcome dependency on the drug and manage the withdrawal symptoms. This program is essential for those who are suffering from severe alcohol or drug addiction. However, not every patient needs a medical detox. Some can do it at home too. Every person needs a different type of detoxification. But medical detox mostly involves three steps:


  • Evaluation: The medical team performs a detailed screening of all the possible disorders. The doctor evaluates physical and mental problems in the patient. They perform a blood test to measure the amount of stimulant in the body. This evaluation guides the doctor on what medication level should be given to the patient. Also, how to detox from alcohol or drugs.


The doctor may also ask you about symptoms like sluggish elimination, allergies, unexplained fatigue, irritated skin, puffy eyes, mental confusion, bloating, low-grade infection, etc. They might also perform a comprehensive review of medical, drug, and psychiatric histories. Knowing about how you feel and your history, the doctor will set up a perfect long-term detox plan.


Determining medications that can be most comfortable and effective is essential for the full recovery of the patient.


  • Stabilization: The next step is that the patient are given counseling and psychological support to the patient for him/her to feel comfortable. The purpose of stabilization is to prevent both physical and mental harm to the patient. To lessen withdrawal symptoms and avoid any complications, the doctor may provide you with addiction treatment medications.


This stabilization is when the patient is not taking drugs or alcohol anymore and experiencing different withdrawal symptoms. If proper care and support is not provided, it can be challenging for the patient to recover, and sometimes it is deadly. Therefore this is the most crucial stage and requires greater attention.


  • Preparing for treatment: The final step is the treatment program. Here, the patient is comforted and familiarized with how they will be treated, what the process is, and what they can expect. After passing the first and second steps, patients who go through detoxification are likely to feel some side effects. In case you have been highly addicted to the substance, then the above process can be painful and deadly. 


But the detoxification method can reduce the symptoms of withdrawal while others are unavoidable. These symptoms may include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Body discomfort
  • Mood swing
  • Insomnia or reduce sleep
  • Nervousness
  • Difficulty in concentrating




It is highly dangerous to continue depending on drugs for a living. Thus it is very necessary to know how to detox from alcohol or drugs. It is essential to quit the harmful habit and detox to cleanse the body from all the toxins. Medical detox helps to go through the withdrawal symptom safely and is safer. If you want to know more about drugs, then click the link


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