GEHA Health Plans Insurance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

While your GEHA health plan policy may cover drug costs, it does not cover rehabilitation costs. Sometimes, health plans cover only a few elements of rehab. Many factors determine whether or not you are covered. If you are under the GEHA High Options Benefit Plan, you will also receive rehabilitation protection. Another factor that influences whether you are protected or not is the type of facility you decide to go to.

How Long Does GEHA Health Insurance Coverage Treat?

Again, how long you can get the protection for treatment depends on your plan. Some programs only cover members for a limited time. No matter how long you need treatment, others cover a fraction of the cost. Some plans will cover all costs of your treatment plan.

This may seem confusing, but GEHA coverage for alcohol detox representative will be happy to discuss your options with you. You can also ask for a treatment facility that you would like to perform an insurance check for. Either way, your information will be 100 percent confidential and discreet, or you will not be obligated to engage in any treatment afterward.

Insurance Coverage for Specialty Drug and Alcohol Treatment GEHA Health Plans

No two treatment facilities are the same. However, they can be divided into fixed facilities and special facilities. Specialty treatment centers can be private, luxury and/or administrative programs. They all offer their residents additional aftermarket services including luxurious amenities, private rooms in quiet surroundings, horse therapy and more. It is also possible that your GEHA health plan will cover you for these services, but if they do, you may need to copy.

One thing that sets GEHA coverage for alcohol detox apart from other insurers is that they offset deductibles and monetary insurance on an annual basis. If you have coverage for special treatment, you should never pay more than what your cap is. The caps will vary depending on the plan you have, and at the time of writing this:

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