Fine Solutions in Obesity issues

In cases of severe obesity and when the health risks are serious in the short term, it is possible to use a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach:

  • Gastric bypass surgery or bypass
  • Putting on a ring to reduce the size of the stomach
  • Stapling of stomach walls
  • Prevention of obesity

The best way to prevent obesity is to lead a healthy lifestyle:

  • Balance your diet, avoid consuming too much fat, sugar, etc.
  • Being physically active
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food (eat to live, not the other way around)
  • Sleep well

Learn to manage stress other than by eating

In a recently released report, the Fraser Institute questions the scale of the obesity problem in Canada and government intervention. It has been carrying out work on the causes of obesity and prevention measures for several years, does not share the same observations. From the lorcaserin intermediate manufacturer factory you can have the best deal of solutions.

What about the obesity epidemic first?

The Fraser Institute report presents a partial and reductive portrait of the situation. Statistical data clearly shows the increase in excess weight over the years 2000 to 2012. Today, more than half of the population is overweight.

A problem becomes a public health issue when it is associated with disease, disability or mortality and, in addition, it is possible to prevent it. Smoking is a public health problem. Obesity is one too. It is associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, several cancers, joint problems, breathing difficulties, sleep disorders, etc. From the lorcaserin hcl manufacturer you can have the solution.

For the Issues

In the country, as elsewhere and around the world, experts in weight-related problems are consensus on the need for government involvement to prevent obesity. The idea is not to pretend that people have no responsibility for what they eat or how much energy they use through physical activity. Governments’ contribution is to make healthy choices easier to adopt. This is why governments are making efforts to promote the adoption of an active lifestyle, to encourage the reduction of sugar, salt and fat in products offered to consumers, and to make fruits and vegetables more accessible in all neighborhoods. For example, schools have made a healthy shift by offering healthier foods in cafeterias. Cities are improving their amenities to promote active and safe travel to work, school, leisure activities or for shopping. Some municipalities openly express that zoning is a tool they can use to limit the establishment of fast food restaurants near elementary and secondary schools.

  • Governments at all levels must act on the obesity problem as they do to counter an infectious disease outbreak or to protect people from a toxic substance in the environment. They had to pass laws to reduce tobacco use as they were right to make seat belts compulsory. The current situation of excess weight in the population has developed over several decades, in particular because our environment has become obesogenic. Curbing the increase in weight and reversing the trend cannot be done in a few years. The impacts of these actions will be felt gradually. An annual improvement, however modest.


By taking action to promote healthy people, governments are playing their part, and not just treating people who have become ill. Diseases caused by tobacco are on the decline, as are deaths from drinking and driving. These successes are largely due to government policies and, of course, to the citizens who supported them. The same should be true of the obesity epidemic.

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