Eye surgery treatment

Vision is the most critical aspect of humankind. To do our everyday chores without any difficulty, which might include studies, office work, or even household things, you must have good eyesight. But at times, due to some deficiencies, people cannot see clearly, and they need to wear glasses or else contact lenses. But that leads to too much inconvenience as your glasses must be cleaned now and then, and they should be worn throughout the day; in the case of contact lenses, they need the utmost protection as a glare must be worn every time you expose your eyes to the wind, and also it needs to be constantly hydrated. All such problems have now come to an end as they can be corrected now by eye surgery treatment.

What is the Eye Surgery Treatment?

Eye surgery treatment is done by highly advanced and modernized laser eye surgery. When you undergo laser eye surgery, the need to wear contact lenses and spectacles is minimized; you get entirely new eyesight and a crystal clear vision just like your old days. Any of the conditions like myopia, hyperopia, or presbyopia can be treated with eye surgical treatment.

Types of Laser Surgery

LASIK (flap bases)

In this kind of treatment, a suction ring is applied to the cornea, and a thin flap is positioned over it. Later the laser treatment is used to reshape the cornea, and finally, the flap is repositioned, and you get entirely new eyesight and no longer need to wear those glasses or spend on contact lenses.

LASEK (surface based)

In this kind of treatment, there is no kind of touch or flap required as the laser is directly applied over the cornea, which leads to the change of shape directly. This treatment is slightly more expensive than the treatment mentioned above, LASIK, because your cornea itself is getting changed, and hence in the future, you require no other means to correct your vision. It is a treatment that will benefit you for a lifetime.

You can get more details in this video:

Author: MR. TARIQ AYOUB FRCOphth FRCS-G FEBO Cert-LRS PG-CRS MBBS BS Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Founder and Director of Oculase – The Eye Clinic

How do you know you can take up this eye surgery treatment?

It may not be necessary that anyone can undergo laser treatment; it is advised that you visit your optician and undergo a complete eye check-up to ensure your vision history, the current conditions of your eyes, your entire eye health, and even the doctor would tell you if you actually require a medical laser surgery for your eyes.

As laser treatment tends to be expensive, You actually need to be sure whether you will go forward with that surgery.

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