Everything You Need To Know About Potatoes

Potatoes belong to the class of plants with root systems known as tubers. They are the fourth most consumed crop globally and the number 1 vegetable crop in the United States. There are different types of potatoes, including the sweet potato, Yukon gold, russet, and white potatoes, among other classifications.

Different controversies exist about the nutritional benefits of potatoes, and that is because of the dietary component. The nutritional content of potato per serving includes about 110g of calories, 0g fat and cholesterol, 8mg of sodium, and 3grams of protein. Other properties include Vitamins B and C, 6% iron, 2% calcium, 26g of carbohydrate, and 2g of dietary fiber. It is a popular and true opinion that foods that are high in carbs are not particularly good for the body because they are broken down into glucose in the body, which is a form of sugar. As commonly known, high blood sugar is never a good thing. Other than that, there is no other real accusation against these tender and succulent beauties.

The calorie content of potato is just about average, as expected for a healthy meal serving. The zero-fat content makes it a good choice of food to be incorporated into a diet for people who might be watching their weight. Also, in its defense, potatoes have resistant starch that prevents the digestion of the starch in the small intestine, but preserving it until it reaches large intestine; hence, it reduces the amount of starch breakdown that is absorbed into the body. While many might have spoken against potatoes and its derivatives as a form of junk food such as the French fries, yummy potato cream, and butter, or roasted potatoes with toppings, are styles that are not wholesomely healthy. Potatoes, when boiled without additives, are about the healthiest meal you can eat. In fact, you can also make healthy potato pie. It should be known that the method of preparation can increase the calorie and fat content of potatoes, with boiling being the lowest and best cooking method.

A diet plan is known as the potato diet where someone on a weight control program eats cooked potatoes without additives for about 3 to 5 days. This plan has proven effective for people who tried it, although it is boring, as you might have expected of pure and bland potatoes! However, the outcome makes it worth it. 

The vitamin C in potatoes acts as antioxidants that reduce the risk of dangerous health conditions such as heart condition and blood pressure. Likewise, Vit. B6 supports proper metabolism by breaking down carbohydrates into amino acids. The iron, calcium, and magnesium in potatoes enhance bone health and growth. 

Fun fact: 

  • More than half of all potatoes sold in the U.S. are cooked as French fries. 
  • Potato has been the American meal since 1950.
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