Everything You Need to Know About HIFU

If you know even just a little about dermatology, you would know how HIFU Singapore treatments are making rounds everywhere and every other Instagram blogger is raving about it. However, it’s still a new concept and people don’t have much idea about it. To illustrate, it’s the correct treatment and is perfect for skin tightening. But hey, that’s not enough, right? So, read this article and get to know everything about HIFU in Singapore!

HIFU – What Is It About?

Okay, so, it’s basically a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that’s meant for skin tightening. With this treatment, the high-power ultrasound beams are used on the skin and create a lifting and tightening impact. The beams are different from radiofrequency, lasers, and IPL. HIFU treatment is known to improve the deeper skin structure (it impacts the dermal or foundation layers of the skin).

The outcome of HIFU treatment is supple, plump, and glowing skin. There is no intrusive technique but the USG gel is applied to the target area before the handpiece is applied to the skin. The treatment is completely safe since it uses the regenerative reaction of the body to lift up the skin. With regular treatments, you can prevent fine lines and wrinkles as well.

How Does HIFU Treatment Work?

Truth be told, there is hardly a preliminary requirement for getting the HIFU treatment for the face. The only thing to do is remove the skincare products and makeup products from the target area. To begin with, the skin is cleansed and the topical anesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the treatment is started. Then, the ultrasound gel is applied and the HIFU device will be placed on the skin.

With the viewer machine, the physician will personalize the settings and the ultrasound beams are applied to the target area in the form of short pulses (the treatment goes on for thirty to ninety minutes). Then, the device will be removed. Some people feel the tingling and heat but doctors might also suggest medication for that. Also, there is no after-care with HIFU treatment!

With this treatment, the dermal or foundation layers of the skin are targeted and the ultrasound energy heats up the tissues. When the cells are targeted, there will be cellular damage and it will actually stimulate the production of collagen (collagen improves the skin structure and texture). With higher collagen production, the skin will be firmer and tighter and the appearance of wrinkles will reduce.

In addition, the ultrasound beams are only focused on the dermal layers, so there is zero damage to the upper skin layers and it won’t harm the adjacent tissues either. You have to understand that HIFU treatment isn’t suitable for everyone and is generally better for people who are older than thirty years old if there is moderate or mild laxity.

On the other hand, if you’ve excessively loose skin or photodamaged skin, you have to get several treatments to see effective results. It’s not suitable for older people with saggy skin or people who have open skin lesions or infections. If you’ve cystic acne or metallic implants, it’s best to avoid HIFU treatment (for good!).

The Pros Of HIFU Treatment

According to ASAPS, the HIFU treatment is designed to provide facelifting and it has become popular over the course of time because the utilization has increased by 64.8% within a span of five years. The general benefits of HIFU treatment include reduction in wrinkles, tightening the neck’s sagging skin, and lifting the eyelids, eyebrows, and cheeks.

Moreover, the regular HIFU Singapore treatments improve the jawline definition and the decolletage will be tightened. Not to forget, it can smoothen the skin.

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