Drug Addiction: Have You Reached the Point of Feeling Powerless?

Drug addiction often starts off innocently. A person tries a drug and finds they like what it does so they try more. Before a person realizes, they are in over their heads with addiction. Sadly, many people do not realize their limits and end up making reckless decisions that cause them to lose their lives. When the addiction takes over a person’s life, it is time for them to seek help from the arc rehab portsmouth.

Signs Drugs are Taking Over a Person’s Life

It is important individuals are aware of the sign’s drugs have completely taken over their life. Being aware of the signs can assist individuals in waking up to the fact they are addicts and need help to overcome their drug addiction. The following are the most common signs a person has reached an out of control level of addiction.

  • When addictions strike, they can cause a person to neglect their responsibilities and lose focus on their lives. Often, these issues will start off subtly and begin to become more obvious as the addiction grows.
  • If a person wants to stop but cannot, this is a serious sign their drug addiction has taken over. Multiple failed attempts at stopping drug use indicate a person is truly addicted to the drug and cannot stop on their own.
  • Another sign a person is in over their head with addiction is the need to continuously use more and more of the drug to get the same high. Once the same amount is no longer giving the same high, individuals will use more and more and can eventually place themselves in danger of overdosing.
  • Changes in personality are a strong indicator of addiction problems. Those who were once bubbly and friendly may become withdrawn. They may no longer enjoy those things that once brought them pleasure.
  • It is common for drug addicts to become physically ill when they are withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. The more they have used, the greater the withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, it can be dangerous for a person to quit cold turkey without medical intervention through a detox program.

How to Get Started?

When someone is experiencing the above signs, it is imperative they learn about their options for treatment. There are both residential and day programs, depending on a person’s needs. For those who have severe addictions and underlying mental health issues, it is important to seek treatment in a residential setting. This allows the individual to get away from it all and fully focus on recovering from their addiction.

If you need professional help to overcome your drug addiction, help is a phone call away. You can also visit the website to learn about the available rehab services. Getting help from the professionals will allow you to learn the coping skills that are needed so drugs are no longer attractive when stress rises. Call today and talk with a trained specialist who can answer your questions and offer help in getting started in the rehab program.

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