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Botox is a chemical toxin known as Onabotulinumtoxin A, which temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the human body. This toxin is abundant in nature and can even be found in the intestines of certain mammals. Doctors administer it as an injection in small doses on individuals with certain conditions. These include bladder dysfunctions, eyelid spasms, strabismus, lazy eyes, cervical dystonia, cerebral palsy, and chronic migraines. Cosmetic surgeons even are using Botox injections on people who want to regain their youthful aesthetic appearance. The injections effectively remove facial wrinkles, horizontal creases on the forehead, crow’s feet, frown, and marionette lines.

Botox Clinic Washington DC – How does Botox work in removing the signs of aging?

Botox injections block the transmission of chemical signals from the nerves to other parts of the human body. This causes the muscles responsible for the formation of facial wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and horizontal creases to relax. As a consequence, these common signs of aging in people seem to disappear over time. However, they have to take more than one session under the supervision of a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Only then can they expect to get the desired results. Moreover, they should avoid consuming aspirin and other forms of anti-inflammatory medicines for at least two weeks. This reduces the chances of bruising when they actually take the Botox injections.

Who is a suitable candidate to take a Botox injection?

Medical experts of botox clinic Washington DC say this injection is generally safe for people within the age group of 18 to 65 years. However, they should not have any of the following health issues:

  • Breathing difficulties such as asthma,
  • Difficulties in swallowing,
  • Have recently taken surgery,
  • Weak forehead muscles,
  • Currently suffering from a serious skin infection,
  • Allergies to certain key ingredients which the Botox injection contains,
  • Those who are taking certain vitamin capsules or other supplements on the directions of their doctor, and
  • Women are pregnant or currently breastfeeding their babies.

Benefits of Botox injections

These specialists further state the following benefits of taking Botox injections for removing the common signs of aging:

  • The injection helps in easing muscle stiffness in the area of the upper and lower limbs,
  • Botox injections are cheaper than other forms of non-surgical cosmetic treatment to remove facial wrinkles,
  • Regular doses of Botox injection over a period of six months prevents excessive sweating,
  • Botox injection can help people overcome chronic migraines
  • Botox injections provide instant relief to people who have an enlarged prostate, and
  • The injections have hardly any side effects apart from the occasional bruising and swelling

Medical professionals of any credible botox clinic Washington DC conclude by saying Botox injections are effective for treating the common signs of aging. These include facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, horizontal creases on the forehead, frown, and marionette lines. The injections can even ease muscle stiffness, deal with chronic migraines, and prevent excessive sweating. People who want to take these injections should not have difficulties in breathing, swallowing, or weak forehead muscles. Moreover, they should not suffer from any kind of skin infection or be allergic to certain ingredients of the injection.

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