Bath Emollient Benefits and best Product in the UK

Why use bath emollient?

If you’ve ever had dry skin, then bath time wasn’t your best friend.

Bath emollient is a perfect substitute for ordinary soap, which dries out your skin after a shower.

These contain mild ingredients which soothe irritated skin and lock in moisture after cleansing.

How to use emollients for cleansing?

Mix the product with a small amount of water before applying it to the body, then rinse the excess off and pat the skin dry.

Bath emollient won’t make a lot of bubbles or foam since they lack harsh sulfurs that damage skin.

Some common bath emollient


Soaps made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera are great bath emollient.

They’re extremely beneficial with no side effects or damaging chemicals.

These soaps are mild enough to be used on the face as they reduce acne scars, itching, and textured skin.

Soap substitutes

Much like dry shampoo, soap substitutes come in powdered form and are mixed with water before applying to the body.

They’re great for washing hands and bathing alike and can soothe chronically inflamed, irritated and rough skin.

Bath gel

Gels are the latest trend in bath products for good reason.

They’re water-based and easy to wash off with no residue left behind.

Being in liquid form makes applying gels easy with the use of loofahs and scrubs, resulting in maximum coverage.

The benefits of using bath emollient

Safe for sensitive skin

Contrary to popular belief, bath emollient is beneficial for all skin types, not just for those with eczema.

The skin of an infant is very sensitive, regular soaps can dry it out and flare up any existing skin conditions.

Adding bath emollient into your child’s bath can protect their skin and keep it moisturized.

A shield against water

Drinking water maybe 100% pure but bathing water often isn’t.

Additives in public swimming pools like chlorine, salt in the sea, and minerals in pipe water can have varying effects on our skin, especially if we stay in them for long.

Adding this bath emollient to your water while bathing can help neutralize the effects of any chemical.

Always follow a long bath with moisturizer, especially for children.

Say bye-bye to baby eczema

Babies can get eczema from an early age.

It’s very important to keep their skin safe from any further damage by keeping it hydrated at all times.

Using bath emollient can prevent their skin from drying out and soothe the symptoms of eczema.

Clinicians widely prescribe bath emollient for children, as research evidence has suggested a reduction in childhood eczema from 50% to 33% by their use.

A lot of products in the market can make it confusing to pick out the best emollient for yourself and your child.

That’s where we come in to help:

The best bath product in the UK

Oilatum junior emollient bath is a bath emollient used to keep skin moisturized and hydrated.

Its formula is free from additives and fragrances, making it perfectly safe for children of all ages, especially babies.

This product lacks sulfur, which harms your skin by creating excessive foam and drying skin out.

It keeps the natural protective barrier of your child’s skin intact while gently cleansing it.


Dry skin conditions like atopic dermatitis can be a danger to deal with.

Sufferers must develop a lifestyle centred on avoiding inflammation and dryness.

Local Pharmacy Online  has benefited us greatly by providing products like emollients specified for bathing, which can soothe irritated skin for children and adults alike.

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