6 Reasons For Breast Implant Revision

Getting the shape and size of your breasts that you always wanted is now possible with an amazing breast augmentation surgery. Different implant options will make you feel confident to make a decision. Besides classical implants, today there are saline implants, that will look and feel more natural.

If you are not a fan of the implants, you just don’t like the idea of having some foreign material in your body, breast augmentation can be done with your own fat tissue. The fat is taken from some other body part, and then it is injected into your breast.

Different options are available for breast augmentation

What happens if you decide to put implants in your breasts? You will for sure get the shape and size that you want, but these implants cannot last forever, and there can be some issues that will need intervention. As for the fat transfer to breasts, you will get mildly increased breasts. You cannot get a bigger size, as you can with implants.

What can go wrong with breast implants?

Cosmetic surgery has improved, and it is still improving as the new technology is appearing, but still, something can go wrong with your implants after the augmentation procedure, or it does not have to, but there is the time when you should consider breast revision.

Capsular contracture. This is condition is made by the body’s immune response to the foreign material. It this situation, collagen fibers shrink and compress the implant, which can be painful. The implant is removed or replaced and you can see how it’s done at https://www.bbclinic.com.au/ and be more informed.

Implant rupture. Implants will be in your body for 10 or 20 years, and it can happen that they get damaged. With saline implants, you will easily notice that something is wrong as your breast will get flatten, and the liquid is safe for the body to absorb it. If the rupture happens with standard implants, you must check them with ultrasound or MRI.

Body changes. Due to aging, or after pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman’s body change. The skin becomes limper, so there is a big chance that the implants will be positioned more downward, or the asymmetry will appear.

Breast implant revision is necessary after some time

Time for a change. Every implant has a duration, that doesn’t mean that something bad will happen if you do not replace it, but it is recommended to do reliable breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic, and be in peace with yourself, by avoiding any possible complications with inflammation or something similar.

Changed opinion. After some time, a woman can change her mind and wish to replace her implants with bigger or smaller ones.

Final word

Breast implants will give your body a new look, and you will definitely feel more feminine. But make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions on how to check them, so you can do breast implant revision and be satisfied with your breasts.

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