What is it?

A resource for you to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

Who are you?

I’m Warren Ashley, resident of New York City and graduate of University of North Carolina with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science (and Economics).  I am not a traditional fitness professional.  I do not have an advanced degree in a fitness or nutrition related field, nor do I train clients for a living, although I do some distance training and nutritional work on the side.  Some would say this makes me unfit to give fitness advice, but that’s not going to stop me.  My knowledge of fitness comes (partly) from my college coursework and (more importantly) from the amount of time I spend researching the field and absorbing the work of many brilliant people in the fitness world.  Many of those people are linked frequently on the blog and show up in my blogroll, in case you would like to delve deeper into my source material.  I hope that this combination allows me to distill the vast amount of technical information out there about fitness into bites small enough to digest easily.

What If I Have A Fitness Question?

Email it to me at warren[at]fitfinity[dot]net, and I will try to tackle it.  I don’t promise to know the answer to every question, but I do promise to know most of them (or find the answers I don’t know)…