Where Have You Been?

I’ve been gone a long time.  The last post on FitFinity was on June 13 of last year.

There were lots of reasons for my absence: big changes at work, personal stress, etc.

To be completely honest, though, those weren’t the big reasons.  Mostly, I felt like

a) I had covered all the basics, so there was not much left to say.  You could take what I’ve already written and get really, really fit.
b) No one was really deriving much value from the blog, so I shouldn’t bother.

These led to mounting discouragement and eventually my abandoning the blog, although I have continued to share resources on Facebook and Twitter.

So why am I back?

Well, for one thing, I’ve learned things and changed the way I think about some topics in the downtime, so I have new things to share (not that I would recant anything I’ve already written – it’s all still effective).  This brings back some of my old excitement.

Also, I had a couple of encouraging conversations with readers who have benefited from what they learn here and made positive changes in their lives.  These types of stories are extremely gratifying and make the effort to product good new content worth it.  Many thanks to those who read and apply what I write here.  I especially appreciate those who tell me about their success.  Keep the success stories coming!

All that said, expect at least a few new posts in the coming weeks and months and a return to the (semi-)weekly Shared Wisdom posts as well.

Finally, in addition to success stories, please do share what you’d like to read about here via comments, emails, Facebook or Twitter.  New ideas and questions are always welcome.

- Warren


PS – Here’s a picture of a really nice set of legs and butt, just so you know I’m really back…


Nice Legs and Butt