Shared Wisdom: January 12, 2013

It’s been 7 months since I last posted, but it would create a silly-large list to post everything good I’ve seen since then.  Instead, I’ll just give a recent recap.

If You Can Only Read One:

Keeping Women Down (Brandon Morrison, LBEB) – Really stellar article on the male psychology that keeps women weak.  Weak men demand weak women.  Must read for everyone (male and female).

Best Of The Rest

3 Steps to Getting Your Girl to Train (Joy Victoria via T-Nation) – Good tips from a strong (powerlifter) lady.  Also, she’s proof that you can be super strong (600+ lb powerlifting total) and super feminine.

joy victoria fitness baddie

 8 Reasons Why You Should Lift Heavier Weights (Charlotte Andersen via Shape) – Nothing revolutionary here but good to see this in a mainstream, pink-dumbbells sort of publication.  The truth will get out there!

Everyone’s Goal for 2013: Train With A Purpose (Tony Gentilcore) – Just showing up isn’t enough.  Train with intent.

Do I Look Fat? (Jen Comas Keck) – Jen is spot on in re-framing how we talk about diet and exercise around our kids.

Warm-Up (Mike Robertson) – Really good article on the principles of a good warm up, plus a sample.

MAC Cosmetics ‘Strength’ Advertisement Uses Muscular Female Model In Non-Insulting, Beautiful Manner - Well done, MAC.  Also, excellent choice in models (Jelena Abbou)

jelena abbou MAC ad

Roman Attempts Yoga, Hilarity Ensues (video)

Roman On Hating Planet Fitness (video)

17 Year Old Does Impressive Things In The Gym

(For the record, I don’t encourage this type of thing as a workout, and her form isn’t that great on some exercises.  Still, it’s extremely impressive and great motivation.)