Shared Wisdom: April 7, 2012

Some of you will find this strange, but I’m watching the Masters.  I love the Masters.  I don’t really watch golf otherwise – only very occasionally, but I do like to watch the Masters.  Something about the gorgeous backdrop of Augusta National makes it twice as fun – plus it really makes you feel like spring has arrived.

For those of you not so interested in the golf, here are some articles for you to catch up on:

  • Fixing the “Tuck Under” When Squatting – Part I, Part II (Tony Gentilcore) – Nice write-up on addressing the dreaded “pelvic tuck” seen so often in the squat (and deadlift).  I’d say 95% of the people I see squatting have some degree of this.

    pelvic tuck under

    Pelvic Tuck!

  • Are You Eating Candy Disguised as Breakfast? (Jonny Bowden) – Most breakfast cereals, even the “healthy” ones like Special K, are the sugar/carb equivalent of a bag of candy for breakfast.  Stick to eggs, greek yogurt, or a protein shake.

    special K red berries

    Box of candy

  • Rise Of The Cardio Machines (Adam Vogel via T-Nation) – I like to slam on cardio machines, but mostly just because of what people do with them (plod for hours per week).  Adam has some good protocols to actually get use out of them.
  • Build Muscle and Burn Fat? Choose Protein! (Jonny Bowden) – Higher protein diets build muscle, burn fat. Duh.  Jonny posted another similar one about low carb vs low fat.
  • A Few Candid Thoughts on Women and Training (Tony Gentilcore) – Tony addresses women’s fears about training hard with a great question regarding light weights and cardio: “How’s that working for you?”  Probably not well.
  • Deadlift Assistance 911 (Todd Bumgardner via T-Nation) – Great article with lots of creative assistance exercises for overcoming deadlift sticking points.  Lots of stuff I’ve never seen before, which is saying something.