Shared Wisdom: March 25, 2012

So many wisdoms to share this week!  Remember, you can get all of these as I encounter them if you follow me on twitter.  I’m also thinking about posting more of them on the Facebook page as well, so LIKE to follow in real time.

From me:

From others:
  • Love  Without The Handles, Part 2 (Jen Comas Keck) – Second part of a nice series on getting fit while in a relationship and not driving each other to madness.  Can be surprisingly difficult, even if both parties are fairly on board.  Love the “safe word” idea!
  • The Red Meat Scare: What Do We Make Of It? (Jonny Bowden) – Jonny is slashing through media hysterics, as usual.  The “red meat will kill you” research really wasn’t anything of the sort.
  • 7 Ways To Minimize CNS Fatigue (Jason Ferruggia) – This one’s for the more advanced (or at least consistent) folks.  If you’re feeling rundown, try these tips.
  • Cardio, The Dirty Word (Neghar Fonooni) – Neghar hates cardio, and she looks amazing.  Gasp.  How?  Lots of conditioning intervals.  If you are a regular reader, you’ve heard this before.

    Neghar Fonooni

    This is what no "cardio" does for you.

  • Band Assisted One Arm Pushups: A Better Alternative (Shon Grosse) – Very cool pushup progression.  Helpful if you have trouble loading your pushups.
  • Unconventional Exercises for Scapular Stability (Dean Somerset) – Scapular stability isn’t just external rotations (maybe not at all…)
  • The Power Of 3 Program (Ben Bruno via T-Nation) – Very simple total body training program.  Reminds me of vintage Waterbury.
  • The Tabata Myth (Mark Young via Robertson Training Systems) – As I mentioned in my Tabata article, you aren’t really doing “tabata”.  Good post.