Shared Wisdom: March 4, 2012 (almost a month of it!)

Long time no blog, guys.  Sorry about that.  Weekends have been busy lately with travel, so I haven’t put in the time. I do have some really great article ideas on the backburner; I promise! One of these days.  In the meantime, here’s almost a month’s worth of shared wisdom.

From Me:

Sleep, The Best Exercise? – You don’t improve while you’re training; you improve while you recover, and you recover best while sleeping.  So get after it with these sleep tips.

From Others:

  • Q&A: Is Static Stretching Good?(Mike Robertson) – Excellent stretching post, all around.  MRob covers multiple types and when/how to use them.

    ice skater

    Most people who static stretch are already too flexible. Hello, back pain!

  • The Compliance Solution, Part 3 and Part 4 (John Berardi via Precision Nutrition) – Easily the most influential fitness coaching info I’ve come across for a while.  Really paradigm shifting. Must watch for anyone in the industry. See also “Effective Coach Talk
  • A Surefire Way to Learn the Clean (Jon-Erik Kawamoto via T-Nation) – Great article on learning the clean.  I don’t really prescribe full cleans anymore, but the part before the catch is great.
  • Some Myths About Toning – aka, it doesn’t exist
  • Paula Deen and the Lost Teaching Moment (Jonny Bowden) – Paula Deen didn’t get diabetes from eating too much fat.  Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism.  No matter what the media says, it was all about the sugar and flour.
  • Yerba Mate: All of the Caffeine, None of the Jitters (Jonny Bowden) – Even healthier alternative to coffee.
  • Another Reason To Skip Diet Sodas (Jonny Bowden) – They are associated with heart attack and stroke (among a host of other things).  You just can’t win with soda.
  • Is Sugar Fattening? (Stephan Guyenet) – Well, not inherently. However, it does increase food palatability and reward value, which is fattening.  So avoid eating things that are sweetened with sugar (soda, desserts, things made in restaurants).
  • Chin-Up Progressions for Women – Part I & Part 2 (Tony Gentilcore) – Ladies who do chin-ups are hot.  No way around it.  Learn how here.
  • Conditioning 101 (Jim Wender via T-Nation) – Push prowler, sprint hills, jump rope, get lean and fast.
  • Palatability, Satiety and Calorie Intake (Stephan Guyenet) – Highly palatable foods are also the least satiating (so you eat more of them).  Simple, whole foods win for satiety (and fitness).