Favorite Fitness Apps

As an avid technology fan and employee of an internet start-up, it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of using technology to improve fitness outcomes.  It’s really an infant part of the industry, without too many dominant players.  That said, I do use a couple of good tools, one for nutrition and one for training.


dailyburn screenshotDailyBurn is the most established player in the space.  It offers tools to track your body weight, nutrition, workouts, and (most recently) sleep.  I find the nutrition tracking to be the most valuable piece by far, although I haven’t tried the sleep tracking yet.  The existing food database is extensive, and you can always add your own.  Setting up calorie and macronutrient goals is also fairly easy, although getting it to accept macro breakdowns outside of the 4 default options can get a little tricky.  I used the workout tracking briefly, but didn’t stick with it due to missing exercise options.

DailyBurn was also an essential piece of Stephanie’s contest prep.



Fitocracy screen shot

Fitocracy is the new kid on the fitness app block – it’s still in beta.  The site combines workout tracking (weight training, endurance, whatever) with game mechanics (leveling up, accomplishments, badges).  Surprisingly, it’s very addictive!  Once you knock off a few challenges and badges, you’ll be craving more.  The exercise database is pretty large and expanding, although there are some missing pieces (single leg hip thrusts, anyone?).  All of the basics and even many non-basics are present though.  I will admit, the system is not well suited to tracking sprints, but distance runs work fine.  A mobile site has just come out, and an iPhone app is coming.

The only downside to Fitocracy right now, besides it being slightly rough around the edges, is that (being a beta) it still requires an invite code to sign up.  Fortunately, FitFinity has you covered.  Sign up today using our group code (I8YGE) or this URL: http://ftcy.co/v9vqZ3.  There’s 100 open invites.  You’ll automatically join the “FitFinity” group, so you can keep up with your fellow readers!


Did I miss your favorite app?  Leave it in the comments, and I’ll check it out!