Shared Wisdom: 10/15/11


From me:

From others:

  • Why Pointing The Finger At Carbs Is Missing The Point, Part 1 and Part 2 (Brian St. Pierre) – More and more, I’m coming around to this way of thinking.  It makes things less black and white, but is probably more accurate.  Fat gain and loss is a complicated process.  Still, my above post “Can’t Get Fat” stands.
  • The #1 Tip for the Hormonally F*cked Hardgainer (Jason Ferruggia) – Spoiler alert: get more sleep.  About to start a Jason Ferruggia program, myself.  Tons of respect for this guy.
    skinny kid
  • Straightforward Knee Rehab (Anthony Mychal via T-Nation) – Almost everyone has had some knee pain at some point.  This article has quick, straightforward advice.
  • Time To Man Up (Jim Wendler) – I just discovered Jim’s blog after doing his 5/3/1 program for 10 months straight.  The man is a legend.