Can’t Get Fat


Without a doubt, the most common questions you hear in fitness are about fat loss.  The industry around fat loss is gigantic, complete with diet books, exercise programs, videos, personal training, and tons of questionable supplements.  All of this leads many people to throw up their hands and give up.  “It’s just too complicated” they say.  “How do I know what’s the right way to lose fat?”

While I’ve written plenty of articles on this already, I’m going to make it real simple for you today.

You can’t get fat eating meat and vegetables.

raw fresh beef meat and vegetables

Don't eat the beef raw...

It’s not physically possible.  Seriously.  I don’t even need to make any exceptions.

If you eat only real, unadulterated meat and vegetables (no sausages, hotdogs, or caramelized carrots), you cannot get fat.  If you have some extra pounds to lose, you will probably lose them too.  While this style of eating won’t get you quite into contest shape, it will get you pretty darn close for not having to count any calories or macros.

Is it easy to eat only meat and vegetables?  Well, if you’re used to eating tons of sugar, grains, and other crap – or drinking your calories in the form of sugary, calorie-filled beverages – yes, it will be hard.  But it isn’t complicated anymore, so stop letting that be your excuse.

If you want it, go and get it.