Shared Wisdom: 10/8/11

First post in October!  I know, it’s been too long.

If you can only read two:

  • Squat (Mike Robertson) – A huge, detailed post on the squat.  Comprehensive and well written.  I know a lot about squatting, and I still learned plenty from this.  A must-read.
  • Fuckarounditis (Martin Berkhan) – Hilarious post about not fucking around in your diet and training.  Get it together, people.

From me:

Other great fitness posts from the last 2 weeks:

  • How to Get Ripped (Mike Robertson) – Nothing revolutionary here, just solid advice on the basics of getting ripped (for guys and girls).  Great quote from this one: “In my best Yoda voice, ‘There is no tone – only burn fat, build muscle you will.’”  So true.
  • Excuses, Excuses.(fortheloveofcookies) – Some girl whose blog I do not normally follow takes on the “fat apologists” of the world .  Color me impressed by her stance, and her obvious hard work.  She looks the part, despite her apparent love of cookies.

    girl with abs

    She isn't eating too many cookies

  • 5 Surprising Health Myths ( – These wont be surprising to you if you read my blog, but they’re worth revisiting.
  • Bulletproof Your Back (Bret Contreras via – Nice post on protecting your lower back with the right exercises.  I like that Bret continues to try to popularize the term “American Deadlift”.  Hey, the Romanians have one…
  • Fat Tax?? WTF Denmark?? WTF in deed. (Dean Somerset) – Right on the heels of my concerns last week about the government making horrible nutritional regulalations, we get a “fat tax” in Denmark.  Never mind that saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease and is critical to hormone production…
  • Low Levels of Vitamin D Linked with Diabetes (Dr. Jonny Bowden) – Pretty self explanatory.  Just more reasons to take your vitamin D.
  • The Case for the Food Reward Hypothesis of Obesity, Part I (Stephen Guyenet) – Setting up the evidence for “food reward” as the driver of obesity.
  • The Best Cardio You’re Not Doing (Chad Waterbury) – Walking.  It’s the new thing!  Best for those of us already taxing our recovery systems though, so only if you’re getting tons of high intensity exercise already.
  • Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? (NYTimes) – Nope.  Quit your complaining. (a calorie isn’t necessarily a calorie)
  • 8 Health Reasons to Have Sex (Mark Sisson) – As if you needed them…
  • Strong Is The New Sexy(interview with Rachel Guy) – I’ve always said a girl in the squat rack is automatically 2 points hotter on a 10 point scale.

    rachel guy in squat rack

    Rachel Guy, strong and sexy

  • Humans on a Cafeteria Diet (Stephan Guyenet) – Exposing people to tons of high calorie, palatable foods causes fat gain.  Surprise!
Bonus pic for the ladies, since I had two for the guys already.
Stan McQuay abs