Shared Wisdom: 9/24/11

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Should food stamps be use-able for unhealthy foods? (Original Link – thanks, Boone)

In my opinion, they should.  Before you all go ninja on me, let me explain.  By no means do I think food stamps should be used for unhealthy foods.  If you have such limited purchasing power than you use food stamps, you need to stretch them across as much nutrition as possible.  That means whole foods like beans, lean meats, potatoes, veggies, etc.

However, I don’t trust anyone in the government to tell anyone else what they should be eating.  The track record is just horrible.  If the FDA had its way, we’d all be eating 400 grams of carbs (all from corn), 60 grams of protein (all from soy), and zero grams of fat per day.  We would all get diabetes and grow phyto-estrogen boobs.  Except we’d die even before that happened, since fat (and saturated fat) are essential to life.

Sure, today it’s soda, but tomorrow it will be red meat.  Then anything that makes “unsubstantiated” health claims, like – you know – walnuts.

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