Shared Wisdom: 9/10

No posts from me this week, because I was hugely slack over Labor Day weekend.

Lots of good stuff from around the webs though.

  • EFS Classic: The Yoke (Jim Wendler vs EliteFTS) – Not really our normal fare here on FitFinity, but I couldn’t pass this one up.  Jim Wendler is a funny dude, and knows his training.
  • FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs! (William Faloon va Dr. Jonny Bowden) – The FDA has disallowed health claims from the packaging of walnuts and other foods, despite studies to back up such claims, because they have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This is the same agency that will put a “heart healthy” stamp on a box of froot loops because they’re low in cholesterol.  Makes me sick.
    froot loops

    Healthier for your heart than walnuts? Yeah right...


  • Life Skills 101 (Brian St. Pierre) – Should we be teaching kids more life skills in school?  I think so, and BSP agrees.  Not just about fitness but that’s certainly part of it.
  • What My Kitchen Sink Can Teach You About Accountability (Tony Gentilcore) – Do you gravitate toward the curl machine and elliptical rather than the squat rack?  Tony is not happy with you.
  • Rate of Force Development is King (Chad Waterbury) – This one’s more for the professionals and athletes.  I was stunned that balance training is useful in increasing rate of force development, but it makes sense.  I am not often stunned.
  • Ask the Diet Doctor: Egg Whites vs. Whole Eggs (Dr. Mike Roussell vs Shape) – Go Shape for having Mike Roussell on as the diet doctor.  He’s the man.
  • Mistakes Skinny Guys Make: Not Dialing In On the Basics (Tony Gentilcore) – Tony knows a thing or two about getting skinny guys bigger.
  • Easy Nutrition Switches For Impressive Gains (Dean Somerset) – Pretty basic stuff from Dean, but it never hurts to remember the basics (or implement them in the first place).  Having some water with lime as I type this.
  • Is Dairy Healthy? The Whole Story – Part 1 (Brian St. Pierre via Eric Cressey) – Dairy is very misunderstood.  Some say healthy, some say not.  Get the (first part of) the full scoop here.  I’m looking forward to the rest of these!
If you can only read one:
  • The Futility Of Out-Educating Fat (Clotaire Rapaille via Ramit Sethi) – This one is actually from a personal finance blog but so perfect.  The point – that educating people about fitness doesn’t encourage them to actually be fit – is extremely disheartening, since I do a lot of educating on this blog.  How do we get people to actually implement it