Fitness Secrets Of Hollywood Stars

Knew that would get your attention.  Many a magazine has been sold promising the dietary and workout secrets of our favorite Hollywood stars.  It’s not surprising that this works.  Hollywood stars tend to look pretty good.

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless

So you want to know the secrets?  There aren’t any.  And any magazine or article that tells you otherwise is fabricating to sell copies.

Just like you, Hollywood stars have to eat right and train smart a high percentage of the time to look good.  Unlike you, they also have the benefits of good lighting, camera angles, and Photoshop post-processing to help out when they slip up.

Think about it.  Actors and actresses are paid dramatic amounts of money to look good on camera.  Like sports stars (who also tend to look pretty good), they can afford to spend hours per day training and feeding themselves correctly.  Many of these folks have trainers, nutritionists, and chefs on staff to keep them on track.  Unfair advantage?  Maybe.  Super secret training methods?  Hardly.  20 minutes to a Hollywood body? Don’t make me laugh.  The actress on the cover of that magazine spends far more time working on her physique than the average 9-5er can.

Don’t get fooled into thinking the next article promising secrets is going to pay off.  It will only sidetrack you from getting real results.  They don’t sell magazines by revealing Jessica Biel’s 12 workout per week routine and personal chef.

Stick to sound nutritional principles and exercise essentials.  That’s the real secret of the stars.