Shared Wisdom: 6/18/11

It’s been a unique 10 days for the blog.  My girlfriend was in town for a week, which always slows my blogging.  However, it was also open-call-for-outdoor-fitness-posts at Dailyburn Life, so I wrote two posts for that, one which ran there and one which I posted here.  So instead of no posts, which is what normally happens during a girlfriend visit, I managed to get two up.  Lucky you.

By Me:

  • Playground Strength & Conditioning – A post I originally wrote for Dailyburn Life, this one got posted here when Dailyburn beat me to the punch with another article on the same topic.  Still, this ended up being my most popular post in recent memory.
  • Total Body Training with Loaded Carries (at Dailyburn Life) – Loaded carries can offer great marginal benefits in strength and fat loss when added to a lifting program.  Plus you can do them in the grass (if you don’t live in NYC like me).

By Others:

If You Can Only Read One:

  • Do You Have Training ADD (Mike Robertson) – Been thinking about doing a post on this myself.  Lack of consistency is probably the biggest progress killer there is.
training add triangle

Training add triangle