Odd & Ends #1

Sometimes thoughts aren’t quite big enough for their own post…

  • Apparently I should write more ab training posts, because people love them.   My two ab training posts from the last couple of weeks (6 Myths About Six-Pack Abs and Effective Ab Training) have been my most popular in several months.  Too bad old-fashioned nutrition is way more likely to actually give you a six pack than actually training your abs.  Nutrition doesn’t make sexy articles though, just sexy bodies.
    Split Stance Cable Chop
  • Women appear to get more training-smart as they age.  Like fine wine  (or something).  I’ve trained in a lot of commercial gyms, and I can’t help but notice that women over 30 train smarter (and show better progress) than younger women.  It’s like there’s some unwritten rule that under 30 you have to go straight to the treadmill and become skinny-fat, while over 30 you’re allowed to lift weights and actually build some nice looking lean muscle.  In the past few weekends alone I’ve seen women doing bulgarian split squats, dumbbell rows, lat pulldowns, bench press, and more legit exercises; not one of them looked to be younger than 30.  (not coincidentally, they all looked pretty good…)

    Baby eating cake

    Youth is no excuse for bad training and eating habits!

  • I’ve been doing tabata-style bike intervals the last couple of months (it must be ab season).  If you did read the aforelinked article, they’re really hard.  I always try to use the bikes in the spin classroom for my intervals, because they have effective resistance and actual bike seats (rather than the plush love seats found on many “fitness bikes”).  The spin room is always empty, if there isn’t a class in it.  I’ve only actually been in there once when there was another person using one of the 20+ bikes.  Why, I wonder?  I can’t be sure, but I’m guessing it’s because spin bikes are hard.  The people on the cardio equipment right outside the door to the spin room don’t want hard.  They want to come in, sit on a love seat, pedal slowly for 60 minutes, and go home.  You can’t sit on a spin bike for 60 minutes because your ass would go numb.  Those seats hurt.  You have to pedal hard and get out.  Or stand up and pedal, which also sucks.  Regardless, you have to work hard.  Keep enjoying your love seat though.

    Spin Bike

    Basically an ass-torture device. Burns fat though.