Weekly Recap: 2/26

Yep, I’ve been MIA for several weeks now.  There are several reasons (excuses), but the big one is that I’m honestly not sure where to go with the blog at this point.  I’ve covered a lot of the basics, and most people could completely revolutionize their bodies and their health using the information that’s already here.  But people like new posts.  I’m just not sure which ones.  So I’ll pose the question:

What do you want to read about?

  • Nutrition for looking good naked?
  • Nutrition for a long and healthy life?  (not that dissimilar)
  • Training for physique competition?
  • Training for athletics?
  • Ab training?  (not much more to cover than this)
  • Bleeding edge training protocols?
  • Something not listed here?

For serious, I’m asking.  Leave your comments in the, uh, comments.  Direct me, oh readers!

Now for our regularly scheduled programming, which is suffering from a huge back-up, since I haven’t blogged any good posts in forever.  I’m skipping writing commentary since it would take me a week.

Training Posts

Nutrition Posts

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Be sure to leave your post/theme requests in the comments!

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