Weekly Recap: 12/18

From FitFinity:

From Others:

  • The Two Most Effective Strategies for Keeping Weight Off (Dr. Jonny Bowden) – Increase protein and decrease high glycemic carbs.
  • Become Superhuman (Nate Green & Tim Ferriss) – Q & A with Tim Ferriss on the 4-Hour Body.  “Israeli stem-cell injections, the unknown power of cinnamon, and becoming superhuman”
  • Google Earth for The Human Body – Very slick new Google tool that interactively maps the human body.  Let it load fully before you play with it.
  • End The Trend (Chris Shugart) – Pretty good motivation from Shug.  “Diabetes doesn’t give a fuck about your self-esteem.”
  • Rehab=Training, Training=Rehab: Top 10 Takeaways – Part 1 (Mike Robertson & Charlie Weingroff) – MR lists 10 takeaways from CW’s new product, “Rehab=Training, Training=Rehab”
  • 100 Gram Carb Cure (Chris Shugart & Mike Roussell) – “Tell me one thing that will solve the obesity epidemic for the general population and help the advanced athlete and bodybuilder shed fat rapidly”  Eat 100 grams of carbs per day.

    Charlie Weingroff

    Who wouldn't want rehab from Charlie Weingroff?

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