Research Report: Heart Benefits of Resistance Training

The heart health benefits of resistance training are slowly becoming clear.  It’s a hot topic, as many people cling to “slow and steady” cardio-style training because it has long been celebrated as good for heart health.  Fortunately, as more research is done in the area, we’re finding that weight training also has benefits to heart health, as well as health and longevity in general.

I just came across a new study out of Appalachian State University (located in my home town of Boone, NC) on this very subject over the past week.  Specifically, the study focused on the effect of resistance training on blood pressure.

The researchers found that 30-45 minutes of resistance training 3 times a week resulted in up to a 20% decrease in blood pressure.  That beats the results of most medications for hypertension, with none of the nasty side effects.

I’m confident we will continue to see more research in this area, but go ahead and add this one to the laundry list of reasons you should be resistance training regularly.

Side effect of resistance training: hotness

Side effects of resistance training: hotness