FitFinity Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and in the spirit of fitnessing up everyone’s gift list (and potentially making a dollar or two in referral fees), I present the FitFinity Holiday Gift Guide.

Nutrition Books

Precision Nutrition Guides

Training Books

Maximum Strength

  • Maximum Strength (Eric Cressey) * – Great program by Cressey.  Worth the cover price just for the warm-up information.  Not his newest, but a great place to start with strength training.
  • Scrawny to Brawny (John Berardi & Mike Mejia) * – Possibly my favorite workout book.  Possibly because I am on the scrawny side.  Great program for anyone really.
  • The New Rules of Lifting (Lou Schuler & Alwyn Cosgrove) – Highly recommended basic strength training.  Both authors are legends.
  • Starting Strength (Mark Rippetoe) – The original strength training bible.  Rip’s workouts are simple and ruthlessly effective.
  • Huge in a Hurry (Chad Waterbury) * – Good intro to Waterbury’s training style.  Solid workout program.
  • Built for Show (Nate Green) * – Workout book with a Nate Green twist.  It’s aimed at guys who want to look “good enough to hook up.”  Not as chauvinistic as it sounds at all.

Advanced Books / Resources

Advances In Functional Training

These are sufficiently advanced and specific that I’m not going to include a summary blurb.  Mostly for fitness professionals and hardcore enthusiasts.

General Health Books

The Most Effective Natural Cures On Earth

Mainstream (good, but less instructive) Books

Good Calories, Bad Calories

  • Good Calories, Bad Calories (Gary Taubes) * – Incredibly eye-opening book covering the history of anti-fat, pro-carb recommendations.  If you aren’t sold on low-carb when you read this, you’re hopeless.
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Michael Pollan) * – Fun read on the crazy choices facing today’s eater.
  • In Defense of Food (Michael Pollan) * – Pollan recommends eating real, whole foods.  I agree.
  • Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual (Michael Pollan) – Quick guide to Pollan’s eating strategy.  Very few pages.

Training Equipment

Foam Rollers

Kitchen Equipment

Victorinox 8-Inch Chef's Knife

*  I own this item myself

Note: I make money off of any order placed on Amazon via one of these links.  Notice they aren’t all Amazon links.  That’s because I actually do recommend all of these products (even the ones I don’t have – you can get me those for Christmas), whether they make me a few cents or not.