Weekly Recap: 11/27

Hope everyone has had a restful Thanksgiving, and that no one got trampled yesterday while shopping for Cabbage Patch Dolls or whatever it is you kids are in to these days.  I myself have spent some time off with my family in North Carolina, and avoided Black Friday shopping like the plague.

Posts From FitFinity:

  • Holiday Fitness: Nutritional Tips – Continuing the series of holiday fitness info, we did nutrition this week.  Moral of the story: use common sense.
  • Portable Sunshine: Vitamin D – Vitamin D is the new cool kid on the supplement block.  In addition to making you much less susceptible to upper-respiratory infections (cold and flu), it has a host of other benefits.  If you aren’t taking it, you probably should be.

Posts From Others:

  • Random Training Thoughts via UGSS 2010 (Mike Robertson) – Mike attended Underground Strength Session at Elite Fitness and came back with knowledge bombs for everyone!  Lots of random stuff on getting strong.
  • The Skinny on Fat Loss (Dean Somerset) – Good article on basic fat loss.  I especially liked his treatment (bashing) of the “target heart rate zone,” which we all know to be crap.

    fat burning zone


  • Do Work (Up), Son! (Jason Ferruggia) – JF thinks advanced lifters should “work up” to their working weight, rather than doing straight sets.  His method is similar to Christian Thibaudeau’s ramping.  I like it.
  • Fall Recipes to Spice Up Your Life (Brian St. Pierre) – Three tasty recipes to add to your diet this fall/winter.  Beef stew?  Chili?  Yes, please.

Post more below.  Safe travels everyone!