Weekly Update: 11/20

Hold the presses!  I’m actually going to get two Weekly Updates out in a row!  It’s as if they were actually weekly or something!  In all honesty, I’m recommitting to get these posted with regularity, and get two new content posts up per week.  Please feel free to complain if I don’t.  It’s about accountability people!  There’s a fitness message buried in there, by the way.

Posts From Fitfinity:

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Posts From Others:

  • Why You Should Never Trust The Government About Nutrition (Jonny Bowden) –  As a government, you cannot take money from food companies and other special interest groups and still give unbiased nutrition information.  The government does not have your best nutritional interests at heart.
  • The Twinkie Diet: Really? (Jonny Bowden) – Lots of press on the guy who lost weight on the “Twinkie diet.”  Newsflash – if you starve yourself, you will lose some weight.  It wont be good for you.
  • The 90-90 Split Squat (Mike Robertson) – Half-kneeling or split squat exercise are extremely valuable.  Learn how to do them right.  Because you probably don’t.
  • 11 Ways to Make an Exercise Harder (Eric Cressey via T-Nation) – It’s not all about progressing the weight.  Cressey shares 11 ways to increase the difficulty of an exercise.
  • Does A Healthy Diet Prevent ADHD (Precision Nutrition) – Yes, among nearly infinite other things.

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