Weekly Update: 10/23

As per my usual 3 or 4 week travel cycle, I missed the weekly update last weekend, so this time we have two weeks worth of awesome!

From Fitfinity:

  • Exercise Essentials, Part 7: Bench Press – The final exercise essential, the bench press is probably the most popular lift in all of weight training.  It’s a good one, no doubt, but do you really know why?
  • Exercise Essentials, The Program – To wrap up the exercise essentials series of posts, I put together a sample program build from the essentials.

From Others:

  • Vegan Zealots Censor Criticism of The China Study on Wikipedia – A bit of a rant I came across about a pack of vegan evangelists who are practicing “jump circle defense” of the China Study on Wikipedia.  If you aren’t aware of the China Study, many vegans are using it as evidence of the superiority of vegan diets despite it’s many problems.
  • No More Meds: The Food-Like Effect (Chris Shugart) – Chris dives into The Paleo Solution and has an interesting observation: “Many of today’s doctors seek only to cover the symptoms with drugs rather than fix the problem with food. And most problems are fixable, or at least preventable, with food.”  Instead of talking about the medicine-like effects of good food, maybe we should be talking about “food like” effects of good food…
    Three Stooges Triple Face Palm
  • Training Women (Bret Contreras) – Bret outlines some of his observations on the differences between training for men and women.  Hint: it isn’t that women should lift pink dumbbells.
  • Ring the kettle bell. School’s back in. (LA Times) – LA Times writer James S Fell lights up “celebrity fitness trainer” Jillian Michaels for talking out of her ass about kettlebell training on her new DVD.  Not surprising, since she has no real training in exercise and couldn’t train a client out of a paper bag.
  • The Lat Pulldown – How to Maximize Latissimus Activity (Mike Reinold) – Mike Reinold lays out how to do a lat pulldown correctly.  Chances are you’re doing them wrong…
  • America: A Big, Fat, Stupid Nation (HuffPo) – Great article on obesity, corporate and governmental lies, and getting your facts straight.

New Site Of The Week

  • LeanGains.com – I don’t really plan on having one of these every week, but I just came across this site, and it’s blowing my mind a little.  I’d read a tiny bit about “intermittent fasting” as a fat loss strategy before, but no enough.  I’m going to go back through the archives here and come up to speed.  Be on the lookout for a possible post on this strategy in the future.  Check out LeanGains in the meantime if you’re interested.