Weekly Recap: 10/9

Posts From FitFinity:

  • Exercise Essentials, Part 5: Row – A fantastic back and bicep exercise, the row should be used in addition to chin-up variations to ensure well rounded back development.
  • Exercise Essentials, Part 6: Dip – Dips are a fantastic exercise for the triceps and chest. Use it in addition to overhead presses and bench presses for complete development.

Posts From Others:

  • The Big Sleep (Whole Health Source/Stephan Guyenet) – In addition to making you feel miserable, sleep loss impairs weight loss results and increases risk of diabetes and obesity.
  • What you need to know about the new dietary guidelines (Dr. Jonny Bowden) – The new Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee just came out, and Dr. Jonny (and plenty of others) aren’t very happy about it.  Remember how much the food pyramid sucks?  This is why.
  • Up The “Ab Ante” (Conor Nordengren via Eric Cressey) – Cressey Performance intern Conor Nordengren on real ab training.   Good stuff.
  • Excelling At The Big Lifts (Tony Gentilcore via T-Nation) – Tony offers up some great cues for better performance in the big three (bench, squat, and deadlift).  Great follow-up if you’ve been following my Exercise Essentials posts.
  • What Is It With Trainers Dissing Lifting Heavy Things? (Tony Gentilcore) – Tony G doing what he does best – tearing up awful trainers and their techniques.  This time it’s trainers who recommend super-high-reps of super-light-weights.

lat pulldown

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