Weekly Recap: 10/2 (Re-Design Edition)

As you’ve probably already noticed, FitFinity has a new look today.  To tell you the truth, it was a very spur of the moment decision, but I think it’s turned out well.  I liked my previous design, but the content areas weren’t big enough.  This one uses screen space much better.  Maybe some of my more design minded friends will chime in with thoughts (coughfunjcough).  I’m sure there are glitches, so please leave a comment if anything looks amiss.

On to the good stuff from the past couple of weeks.

From FitFinity:

From Others:

  • The Low-Carb Diet Isn’t ‘Low’ (Chris Shugart) – Chris makes a great point: given what humans evolved to eat, a “low-carb” diet isn’t really low, it’s perfect!  People aren’t cut out to consume pounds of sugar and starchy carbs every
  • Media Culpa: More Low-Fat Lies, Part Two (Dr. Jonny Bowden) – Dr. Jonny interviews the author of a controversial study on meat vs plant based diets.  Knowledge is throw about wildly.
  • Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to Be Well (NYTimes) – Credit to Brian St. Pierre for this assist.  Great article from the NY Times about one doctor’s quest to bring nutrition into the medical profession.  If you aren’t aware, most doctors have very little nutritional training.
  • Why Eggs Prevent Heart Disease (Brian St. Pierre) – Eggs (yes whole eggs) are good for your heart.  I’ve said it.  BSP has said it.  He’s saying it again.  With lots of science.
  • Your Qs: “Barefoot” Shoes, Lean Muscle and More (Experience Life Mag) – First question in this article is about getting “long, lean muscles.”  Tony Gentilcore (the man) answers.  Hint: he doesn’t recommend pilates.  Bigger hint: squat rack.
  • Eliminating Cardio Confusion (Jason Ferruggia) – Jason recommends two forms of cardio: super fast (sprints) and super slow (power walking).  No room for jogging here, folks.
  • You Should NOT Train For Fat Loss (Nia Shanks) – “Bottom line – if you have been training for fat loss, it’s time for a change. If you are just getting into strength training, you must first get stronger and build some muscle.”
  • Exercises You Should Be Doing (Special Wedding Edition) (Tony Gentilcore) – Check out Anna (Eric Cressey’s fiance) train for her wedding.  ANIMAL.  Girl is pulling 265 and doing med ball circuits.  If Eric wasn’t marrying her, I would propose.
  • Eating Hell (Chris Shugart) – Still listening to what you read in major “health” magazines?  Stop now, before it’s too late.
  • Spinal Stupidity (Mike Robertson) – Mike reminds us to avoid sweeping generalizations, particularly about back pain and spinal health.  This guy has so much knowledge it blows my mind.
  • Bret Contreras’s sweet garage gym (I want):

Did I miss anything this week?  Leave them below (along with design comments!)